Preventive Family Care

Your families health and smile is important to us at West Springfield Dental Arts. To ensure their teeth stay healthy and bright from day one, we offer a great oral care program for all stages of tooth development and health.

Cavity Free

Our preventative sealants are a simple, pain-free option to provide protection from decay for years. This treatment reduces the chance of tooth decay on biting surfaces of permanent molars and is an affordable preventive step in maintaining your teeth for a lifetime.

Precision Digital X-Rays

Our low emission, digital dental x-rays provide more precise diagnosis of developing issues in your teeth while providing up to 80% less exposure to radiation. All x-rays are administered with care and comfort.

Convenient Family Scheduling

Knowing families are busy with school, work and other obligations, we offer flexible scheduling to minimize the number of appointments you need to provide for multiple family members.

WSDA provides the best care for your family with the following technologies:

Carestream Dental

Proctor & Gamble

Oral-B / Braun


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