Cosmetic Care for a Sharp Professional Look

Your smile is a reflection of how you care for yourself and a critical part of that first impression you make. West Springfield Dental Arts helps you create and keep that bright and fresh look with the latest technologies that fit into your busy schedule.

White and Perfect

To make sure your teeth are the best and brightest, WSDA employs the latest whitening technologies from veneers to white fillings. There are many options for dialing up the whiteness of your teeth, from prescription strength white strips to custom trays and one-hour Zoom! Whitening. Bring on the white!

Straight and True

Many of our patient need improvements in how their teeth fit together, from minor adjustments to full alignments, to bring their teeth to the best functional position. With Invisalign, the whole process is less noticeable allowing you to improve your smile while the process remains barely visible. No more brackets!

Night Protection

Many patients often suffer from sleep apnea or disturbed sleep that causes undue wearing of the teeth. West Springfield Dental Arts offers many resources that help you find a great night’s sleep for better overall health while protecting your smile. 

WSDA provides the best care for your family with the following technologies:


Zoom Whitening

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