BlueDentalSmile Savings Program

West Springfield Dental Arts offers an affordable membershipprogram for our patients that provides huge savings for regularchecksups and additional services as needed.

What Do I Get?
25% Off


Regular Cleanings

Fluoride Applications

Bitewing X-rays


Oral Cancer Screening

15% Off

Periodontal Services




Invisalign and More


What Does It Cost?

$149 - Single Coverage*

$199 - Dual Coverage*

$249 - Family Coverage*

* Must make next hygiene appointment to remain eligible for savings. Failure to make andkeep next appointment voids plan and new initial fee will be required.

This is an excellent opportunity to maintain good oral health at alower cost and detect concerns at an early state, when they arelikely to be less costly. Membership payment must be made at orprior to the first appointment to be eligible for this program.This program cannot be combined with dental insurance or anyother offer or discount.

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